Thursday, December 08, 2005

Exam Time Biatches

Yes, ''Andy Kings and the Serch For the Holy GCSE's'' kicks off in ernest when I get rocking with my mocks. On my birthday, what cheekiness is that. Maths first thing, Judaism after break, and then Biology after Lunch. What a fun-filled day, haha not. Then it's home to entertain the relatives and eat sugary foodstuffs, for tomorrow is a very special day. Yes folks, thats right, it's: 25 YEARS + 1 DAY SINCE JOHN LENNON WAS SHOT!!!! Oh, it's also my 16th birthday. Yaness.

Saturday is going to be rather, erm, hectic as Nic put it. Band in the morning, shopping in the afternoon, and then to Lauras to get rather intoxicated with my good chum Kelly, and others. Then a stay on Nics floor looms, hopefully I wont remember that bit however!

I know it's short, but its time to get yet more revision done. Josie, you better comment, this blog was just for you!!!

Speak soon



Monday, November 28, 2005

Chepstow Baby!

Well people, yesterday was a trip over to Chepstow,f or the National Concert Band Festival. I got on the coach at 9:00AM, travelled down along the banks of the Severn until we reached south Wales. We were on stage at 12:20, though didn't start playing 'til half past, due tot he fact we were missing a timp and a vibraphone. So while Dan, Steph, Rich and Nat searched for them, se sat on stage looking like prize wallies. But then it kicked off, and it got better. The Raddish song went good, spoilt my Uncle Colin's phone going off right at the end. Tut tut Colin. The Japanease Slumber Song was brill, and finally i nailed my top A's. Yay. Congestion Charge went too fast, but it was brill, us lower brass poeople kept it going.

The adjudicators loved it, our mate Bruce told us we did a ''Great Job''! Which makes a change from the usual ''Good Job!'' We sat in a classroom for 5 hours talking and asking Dan if he loves men, then went for the results. WE GOT A GOLD!!! Yayness, Laura went to collect the prize. WAMC got a silver, so it was a good day for the county all in all. Everyone got exited on the coach, much shouting of ''Good Job!'', and even Colin had to ring Mrs. Colin to tell her the good news.

It was an ok day out, topped off by a good result.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

France Piccies

Heres some piccies from the Yr. 10 and 11 trip to Lille, Northern France. Full story to come soon.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Trip Week

I come to you now, on a tired old Sunday night. Ive been at Evesham High School all day, trying not to strangulate small children. Ooooh they did my nut. 'Twaz good in the end though, we played Brass on Teh Run twice, and Chris dedicated his piece to the families of those who died in the London bombings. It was a touching moment.

This week, of course, is when everyone leaves us for Germany. Noooo don't go Kelly/Lou/Lucy/Josie/Ryan/Leah/Louisa/Mrs. Sherlock/Gemma! And anyone I missed. But it is made better by thr fact that on Thursday we are jetting of to Lille, to visit teh Christmas market. Woo Christmas.

Some lovley piccies there of Lille at Christmas time. Quite pretty I think you will agree. Well there's 23 students going, including me, Nic, Helen, Leah, Kathryn, Mr. JJ, Byatt, Ryan, Mitch, Skinner, Burt, and a load of Yr. 10 geeks. Fun.

On a footballing note, the holy Villa boys finally got us some points. Well played Meeeeelan/Jamesy Milner/Gaz Baz/ King Olaf. Lets string some results together now. And hope the noses don't.

Right, bed time.

More Soon,



Thursday, November 17, 2005

Where Has Everyone Gone?

Of course, I know the answer to this intreguing question. They are all watching explosion, hwich regrettably, I couldn't get tickets too. But, hey, I don't care, I get to see the new series of Little Britain before the lot of you. Ha, in your face!

It's been a rather mixed day. In a moment of Andy stupidity, I happened to take ym hosue phone to school with me. I have one of them cordless jobbies, and, erm, forgot to leave it on the charger as I went out the door. Which was rather daft of me.

First lesson was French. We had a test which was flipping hard, but I did rather well. There was mass giggles at the end of the lesson, as Mr. Lacoult wrote the first 4 answers on the board:

  1. D
  2. I
  3. C
  4. K
No word of a lie, it really was that. Oh we chuckled, he didn't seem to get it though. Funny that.

In english we planned our trip to Doncaster (Where???) to see there Villa play in the Carling Cup. It didnt get off the ground really, as we realised we wouldn't be home 'til approximatly 3am.

The rest of the day passed rather eventlessly, apart from an incident involving me, Helen and a netball post. Don't ask folks ;-) We had netball JSLA after shcool, which was a laugh. One day, I will but the T-shirt 'I saw Ronnie Davis play netball'. I did aswell, he wern't that good really. None of us were to be fair, 'cept Kelly and Helen. Oooh they're gonna pay when it comes to football.

Everyone is at explosion, like I said. Watching the teachers make fools of themselves. Ahh I can't wat 'til I get my hands on the DVD. What DVD I hear you cry??? Ahhh my little secret.

Looking ahead to the weekend, I'm off to see Harry Potter tomorrow night. Nicky Daw asked us last week whow as going to see the new film. I was the only one. Ahh how sad. Anyways, Me, Nic, Josie and Kelly are off there tomorrow night. Saturday I'm free (sign me up now people) and then Sunday is Wychaven Festival of Brass all day. Woo little kids. How about no. LOOOOUUUU WERE PLAYING:

I really cant wait.

Anyways, time for Little Britain soon. See y'all soon.



Sunday, November 13, 2005

Just For Lucy

My official number 1 blog fans, Lucy and Lou, have been pestering me to get the good old blog updated. So here we are!

Well it was Kelly's party on Friday night. Thank you very much Kelly for inviting me, you looked lovely my darling. So did everyone, Jess showing just how thin and pretty she is! As you may have guessed, there was much drunken activity going on, especially Leah Glover and Danny Brookes. The former kept kissing random people, and ranting about people she didnt like. Daniel declared his undying love for me, and kissed me several times. Don't deny it Dan, yes you did.

Yesterday me and Gem went into town twice, once to get Gemma's iPod Nano (not as good as mine =p) and again to see the Christmas lights. Which was good fun, havn't seen Matt and Lyndsey for ages.

When I got home, I did something I don't do enough, and phoned Lou. She was getting in a flap about something earlier in the day, but we sorted it! Heres a pic of me and Lou at Kelly's.

She wont like it, but I do :-p

More Soon
Your Blog-tastic



Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Where's Our History Group Lou???

Hahaha. Me and Lou were late for history, because we popped for a quick fag. When we arrived, the classromm was deserted. For whatever reason, Lou burst into hysterical laughter. Quite why I will never know. AAAnyway

Life has been cool these past few days. I got my hair cut, finally folding to peer pressure from Kelly and Nic. Ha. Its too short now. I may go for the Mitchell look, and have it shaved number 1. But I don't think I'm the Eastend hardman quite yet.

In other news, my gay test is sweeping the school. Only 1 person is gayer than me, this is Will. I am no longer the biggest gay in the village. Woot. Even the staff know. Shame Gruff' has left, wud have been fun to see him take it.

The trip to Nics has been confirmed for Friday night, should be good. Have a meeting with Mr. Piecrce, concerning bluuying. Yeah, cuz im the biggest bully in the school aint I. Erm, no.

Night night